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Download Dishonored 2 + Crack & Torrent

Dishonored 2 Crack is a continuation issued in 2012 bestselling connections stealth and action games with a view FPP. As before, the game embedded in a fictional, inspired by the period of the industrial revolution the world that combined elements of magic and steampunk aesthetics of industrial turn of the century. Version for Windows PC platform again is the result of cooperation of the French studio Arkane (known also published in 2006 action game Dark Messiah of Might & Magic) from serving as publisher Bethesda Softworks company – owner of brands such as The Elder Scrolls or Fallout.
Edit personal computers has a traditionally rich set of configuration options (eg. Support for high-resolution), as well as a little more polished graphics than the console editions. The latter may, however, not conspicuous, given the distinctive style of visual Dishonored 2.

Action Dishonored 2 takes place 15 years after the events of the first installment of the series. Corvo Attano returns in the role of the main character, but it also joins Emily Kaldwin, the rightful heir to the imperial throne and privately daughter Attano. History takes no longer only known for its predecessor Dunwall – the capital island of the Empire ruled by the family Kaldwinów – but on a warm afternoon in Karnak, the seat of the Duke of islands Serkonos. Protagonists get there, forced to flee far from Dunwall after Emily is fraudulently deprived of the crown by a witch, Delila (known from the two issued to Dishonored DLC). Reaching Karnak, the characters begin to rozpracowywać grid conspirators and looking for a way to restore the throne of the young empress.

In the prologue we have to make a choice whether you want to start playing as a young ruler, whether we prefer to jump again in the shoes of the protagonist from the first Dishonored – Corvo Attano. Though both as history has roughly the same mileage (differences are really small), the decision is so important that you can not change it – the second hero is trapped in Dunwall, and put yourself in it you can until the next approach to the campaign . Each character plays a little different due to the different set of available magical powers and other issues box (this time Corvo received a voice actor, Stephen Russell, known mainly as Garrett of the older part of the series Thief).

The same formula gameplay has not changed much from the previous series of reads. In Dishonored 2 for Windows PC platform game still comes down to perform the next mission, whose structure brings to mind a little game of said series Thief. We face charges various objectives, among which often scrolls carrying out assassinations, but the manner of their implementation depends solely on us – we have a very wide discretion in deciding which path we get to the indicated place in the vast site, dealing with the guards (killing them in the open combat, silent killing, stunning, bypassing etc.), seeking additional information dealing with optional guidelines, as well as whether our sacrifices assassinate, or get rid of them in a bloodless manner. The game can be completed without killing anyone – including the conspirators appointed to the killing. Game especially promotes exploration – ferreting through the corners extensive location not only allows you to discover alternative methods of realization of the story missions, but also unlock side-orders and discover hid by the creators of flavors, referring to the history of the first Dishonored.

Instead, try to be a revolution and knocking down upside down universally valued solutions of its predecessor, the developers made the only known evolutionary mechanisms. In Dishonored 2 Download frequented sites have become significantly larger and richer in possibilities, and the system of chaos (assessing the aggressiveness of the player’s actions) has been improved so that precisely monitor the actions of the hero and more ways to determine their effects (affects primarily on the issues of dialogue of the protagonists and the general climate and the end of the adventure). In addition, the expansion was a mechanic power development and characters and an arsenal of available equipment (including cartridges disturbing of mechanical guards or bolts forcing the target to escape), allowing the user to deeply personalize their approach to fun.

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